“I have discovered that people are not really afraid of dying. They’re afraid of not ever having lived- not ever considered their life’s higher purpose, and not ever stepping into the purpose and at least trying to make a difference in themselves or the world.”

~ Jim Weiss.

A gifted, intuitive educator, speaker and counselor, Jim Weiss founded his career and personal development center in 1981. He has been helping men and women from all walks of life develop the interpersonal and professional skills needed to successfully compete in today’s ever changing world.

His workshops and seminars have been presented to more than 40,000 adults living across the country as well as in Europe and Asia. Clients who have already benefited from Jim’s hands-on programs include: the NYC Police and Fire Departments, the American Medical and Dental Societies, a wide variety of colleges universities and Fortune 500 Companies.

To help more of you have the answers you need now Jim offers in-depth telephone consultations for those of you who find it difficult to travel or live outside of the NY metro area.

Jim holds graduate degrees from Fordham, Long Island, and St. John’s Universities. In addition to running his Intuitive Psychic Consulting Center he is currently serving as an Adjunct Professor of Communications at one of the universities in the NY metro area. He is also a certified hypnotist and a licensed vocational counselor.

For your convenience you may schedule your in-depth psychic consultation with Jim at either his Staten Island or Manhattan office (Wall Street area). On site consultations are also available. You may schedule thirty, sixty or ninety minute appointments with Jim Weiss


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