Jim Weiss’ In-Depth Psychic Lecture Series
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When your organization or group need an interesting well informed guest speaker it’s time to call Jim Weiss. For the past twenty-five years Jim has been presenting his lectures to professional groups that include: the American Medical and Dental Associations, Fortune 500 Companies, universities, colleges, and the NYC Police and Fire Departments. Thus far, Jim has spoken before audiences in twenty of our states, Europe and Asia. His lecture series has also been featured on network television and radio.

Jim’s lectures can be tailored to your groups needs (10-500 people), time constraints and budget requirements.

Lecture topics include:

  • How To Predict Your Future While you Sleep
  • How To Develop and Use Your Intuitive Mind
  • How To Raise Intuitive Children
  • Reincarnation: The Gateway To Your  Future
  • How To Use Ancient Wisdom To Solve Your Modern Problems
  • A Journey To The Heart of Your Soul
  • A Journey To The “Other World” Where Any Thing Is Possible
  • The Future of You…Creating Your New Future Now
  • How To Get The Love of Your Life To Grow Up and Commit To You and Your Relationship
  • How To Lead A Purposeful Life
  • How  To Develop Unstoppable Charisma
  • Stop Losing, Start Winning: How To Take Charge of Your Life Now

All Lectures include course outlines and notes. There is a question answer session and a time to speak with Jim in private at the end of the lecture.

Contact Jim now to enroll in his next lecture.

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