Psychic For Life

Psychic For Life – How To Become Your Own Psychic Advisor

Psychic For Life by Jim WeissJim’s first full-length book: Psychic For Life (Available on AMAZON) has been featured on network television and in bookstores here and abroad.


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Jim Weiss, a well known psychic consultant, published author and educator, has written an all inclusive easy to use book that is guaranteed to show you how to develop your own psychic abilities.

Here’s how Psychic For Life can help you reach your professional and personal goals:

  •  Learn how to give a very accurate psychic reading.
  •  Read other people’s thoughts and feelings and you will always be ahead of the competition
  •  Develop your intuitive mind so you can find yourself in the right place at the right time.
  •  Size any one up in one minute or less with this easy to use technique.
  •  Learn to relive past lives so you can reclaim old skills and resolve current problems.
  •  Use your own psychic pendulum to accurately predict anyone’s future.
  •  Use the clairvoyant exercise on page 65 so you can read friends and relatives even thought they are hundreds of miles away.
  •  Learn how to read other people’s possessions and auras (energy field)
  •  Let your highly developed psychic mind lead you to your true love
  •  Dream like a psychic so you can predict your future while you sleep.