Jim Weiss Invites You To
Improve Your Life and Relationships With Hypnosis By Design

During the past fifteen years Jim Weiss has been helping men and women just like you to quit smoking and lose weight. As a certified hypnotist he can show you how to replace old destructive habits with new positive life-giving ones.

Contact Jim so he can design a hypnotic program just for you. For the low introductory price of only $125.00 you will receive one initial hour session followed by two half hour sessions. There is a discount for two or more participants.

Is Hypnosis By Design For You?

Take a moment to answer each of these questions

  • I have trouble controlling my weight
  • Fear and anxiety are keeping me from enjoying my life
  • I want to quit smoking, but I can’t do it on my own
  • I need more confidence and self-esteem so I can make new friends
  • I find it hard to get focused and organized

Are your answers to these questions disturbing you? If the answer is “yes” call Jim Weiss now so he can design a hypnotic program just for you

Here’s How Jim’s Hypnosis By Design Can Help You

  • You will quickly and safely learn how to enter a very peaceful state of mind where anything is possible.
  • Use Jim’s instant relaxation technique to remove stress and tension any where-any time.
  • Stop smoking, lose weight and replace old habits with new vibrant ones.
  • Let Hypnosis By Design help you develop the confidence and self-esteem needed to reach each of your goals.
  • You may have your hypnotic sessions at Jim’s Staten Island or Manhattan (Wall Street) offices or on site (three or more guests)
  • Use Jim’s on-going support to help reinforce your new habits.

Why wait any longer?

Contact Jim Weiss today so he can help you take charge of your life now!


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