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To Love and Be Loved

How To Be Loved, Cherished and Happily Married

An all new five hour workshop by Jim Weiss

This workshop is for you if you are still looking for someone special to spend the rest of your life with.

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Be honest.

Are you still having a difficult time finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with? Is the love of your life afraid to commit to you and your relationship or perhaps you too are trying to recapture that “something special” you once had in your relationship?

Register today for Jim Weiss’ all new workshop if you are ready to take charge of your romantic life Jim will be using his 28 years of experience as a psychic consultant and relationship adviser to help you find and keep the true love you have been searching for.


Here’s What We Will Be Covering During Our Five Hour Workshop:


Why He Is Afraid To Commit to Your Relationship

  • Remove the road blocks that are keeping him from committing to you and your relationship
  • Help your “basement boy” to grow up and be the man you want and need
  • Get his family on your side and he’ll commit to your relationship


Why Can’t I find True Love?

  • Learn how to raise your self-esteem so you can attract your soul mate
  • Learn which of your parent’s voices is still controlling your romantic life?
  • Let Jim show you how to stop sabotaging your own romantic life
  • Join us so you can  finally stop settling for second best


Where Is My Soul Mate?

  • Learn how the Internet can lead you to your soul mate
  • How will I recognize my soul mate when I meet him?
  • Use this powerful one of a kind exercise to attract your soul mate
  • Learn how to let your soul mate find you
  • What will happen to me if I never meet my soul mate?
  • Join us and learn about your past life connection to your soul mate


Why Most Relationships Fall Apart Within the First Four Months

  • Uncover his true intentions before you become emotionally involved
  • Join us and learn if he is really the right one for you
  • Learn why you should never allow your ex boy friend to remain in your life
  • Listen to his verbal cues and you will always know if he is being honest with you
  • Learn how to “literally create” the man of your dreams


Why Do People Fall In Love?

  • Learn how to “speak the language of love”
  • How will I know if it is really love at first sight?
  •  Use  your “powerful intuition” and you’ll always know if he/she is right for you
  • Know if he is falling in love with you or just playing with your head?
  • Let Jim show you how to use the “soul of the universe” to find true love
  • Learn the one key factor that will always determine the success or failure of your relationship


How to Make a Good Relationship Better

  • Learn how to use the “chemistry of love” to make a good relationship better
  • Transform your present relationship into a “soul-filled one


How to Avoid the Mistakes People Make At the Beginning of the Relationship

  • Read his body language and you will always know his true intentions
  • Learn how to listen for “his hidden message”
  • Know the three important questions you must always ask him at the beginning of your relationship
  • Learn how your “primal wound” may  be keeping you from finding true love



To Love and Be Loved is being held at:

997 Stafford Ave. Staten Island, NY 10309.



Please register early since class size will be kept small (10-13 students) to provide you with the individual attention you rightly deserve.


Contact Jim’s office today to register or for additional information


The tuition for this all new five hour, All Inclusive Workshop is only $25

Bring one or more of your friends to our workshop, and each guest’s tuition is only $20


You may pay be cash or check. Individual payment plans are also available upon request, and by all means do not let financial issues keep you from attending Jim’s Love and Relationship workshop.


Your tuition includes:

  • Your own detailed outline and study guide
  • All course materials including a notebook to record your own thoughts and feelings
  • A $5 discount on your next psychic consultation or relationship counseling session with Jim
  • The opportunity to discuss your relationship issues with Jim at the end of the workshop
  • Bring a friend and each of you will save $5. on your tuition
  • Ongoing  support from Jim Weiss  so you can find true love



Each workshop participant will also receive, a FREE copy of Jim’s latest book

To Love and Be Loved:

How To Be Loved Cherished and Happily Married

Do You Have The Courage
To Create Your Own Destiny?

Please call 718 356 9539 and register today since space is limited.

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