Psychic FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do I have Psychic Abilities?

Through the ages certain individuals have had a greater sensitivity to the positive and negative energy forces that compose our universe. Thirty years experience as a psychic consultant and educator has proven to me beyond a shadow of doubt that every one has a certain degree of natural psychic ability that can be developed and used just like any of your other talents and skills. My workshops, classes and my book: Psychic For Life can help you to add a new dimension to your life by showing you how develop and use your own powerful psychic mind.

Have I Lived Before?

The belief in reincarnation dates back to antiquity. Both the Egyptians and Greeks believed that the soul returns to be born into another body. In our own society the new Dali Lama is selected only after they have found a child who is believed to be the reincarnation of the last one.

During my reincarnation workshops I have regressed hundreds of men and women from all walks of life. Through public records and old news papers many of these same people have been able to validate their past life experiences. There are many reasons why people, just like you want to relive their past lives. First, we are the sum total of all the skills and talents we carry from past lives. Imagine how much fuller your life would be if you could draw on these untapped abilities? Secondly, many of my clients have been able to resolve emotional problems and remove their anxiety once they found the roots for these problems in one or more of their past lives..

Is It Possible To Communicate With The Dead?

This all important question deserves a serious answer. No you can not communicate with the deceased. Their souls are resting in another dimension. The belief in mediums  (those who claim to be able to talk to the dead ) goes back to antiquity, notably the Egyptian and their “Book of the Dead” During my travels I have had the occasion to meet dozens of these so called mediums. All of these lovely people were able to communicate with my “deceased” Aunt Ruth. I created this fictitious character to prove that mediums have the ability to pull the memory of your dead realative from your mind telepathically. This of course is not talking to the dead…. At least twice a year one of my dear clients experiences a serious emotional problem after speaking to a medium. So take some friendly advice and enjoy the company of your living relatives and cherish the memory of those who have left this world for a better place.

Why Do Some of My Dreams Come True?

Without getting too scientific here is the answer to your question: As we fall off to sleep our conscious mind also relaxes and lets its guard down. This means that the psychic impressions, that you are receiving most the time, can come through in your dreams. I ask my workshop students buy a note book and label it “My Dream Book” At night I instruct them to keep the book near their bed to record their dreams when they awaken. Never trust your memory. The greatest  psychic dream will be just a vague memory if you do not record it. Once you have recorded a dozen or so dreams you will notice that some of the events actually came to pass.

This Psychic Told Me That Some One Put A Curse On Me? Can this really happen?

Like others who would try to separate you from your hard earned money those who claim to be able to remove a curse from you are frauds. First of all, you can’t put a curse on some one…it just doesn’t exist. This is a superstition that has its roots in antiquity when people did not understand natural phenomena.

Every so often one of my clients call me in a very stressed state of mind because some “so called psychic” wants to charge them a large sum of money to remove a curse. After assuring them they are not cursed I suggest that they contact the attorney general in their state to report a fraud.

If you, my dear clients and friends, need answers to any of you own psychic or personal questions please feel free to contact me I’ll be there to help you…I promise