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I have discovered that people are not really afraid of dying. They’re afraid of not ever having lived-not considering their life’s higher purpose, and not ever stepping into the purpose and at least trying to make a difference in themselves or the world.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re irritable and short tempered
  • You find it hard to relax and unwind
  • You’re easily upset and depressed
  • You feel as if your life is going in circles
  • You have a hard time focusing and concentrating

As a youth you were promised that your life would be better year-by-year. Promotions-a better career-and true love were almost guaranteed at birth. Another fallacy is that if you  worked real you too would have a happy successful life. You’re bright, educated and sophisticated, but somewhere along the way something went wrong.

It’s Time For Change

Jim’s intuitive counseling center, an outgrowth of his twenty-five years experience as a psychic consultant, educator and licensed counselor, can provide the guidance and assurance you need to break away from the limiting beliefs and fears that are keeping you from leading a productive successful life.

Here’s a partial list of how Jim can provide the spark you need to move your life forward:

  • Learn how to take control of your destiny now
  • Work with Jim to find a dream worth living
  • Release the negative emotions and feelings that are keeping you from having what you want
  • Let Jim help you develop unstoppable confidence and self-esteem
  • Connect with your “spiritual center” so you can transcend your self-imposed    limitations
  • Discover your own spiritual pathway to inner healing and peace
  • Learn new creative ways of expressing your deeper self
  • Most of all… Jim has the extraordinary ability to guide you into a space that is profoundly healing, nurturing and sacred.

You can have your counseling sessions with Jim in person, by telephone or in small nurturing groups of 3-4 people.  Contact Jim today to schedule your initial $25.00 half hour counseling session.


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