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Section 1


I believe in the future

I believe in living my life to the fullest

I believe in living an intuitive life


You’ve picked up this publication for any number of reasons. You may be one of my clients or you heard about me from some one you know. Perhaps you too are lost and need direction, and this publication can certainly help you to decide what you really want to do with your life. This publication is also for you if you are looking for change, but not quite sure which way to travel…and this publication is especially for you if you want to venture out beyond your own self-imposed limitations.


If you are one of my clients or students you already know that I have spent the past twenty five years helping thousands of men and women bring new meaning into their life. I’ve seen many of these same men and women throw up their hands in despair and resign themselves to their fate. As an important part of the growth process I have also taught many of these same people how to develop and use their intuitive minds. You will soon learn that this “dynamo” of a sleeping giant is just waiting to be awakened and used to lead you to the life you have always dreamed about.


My intention in writing this article was not to add more material to your already crowded bookcase, nor do I proclaim to have the “ultimate answer” to life’s perplexing problems. My sole purpose is to help you develop and use your intuitive mind so you too can find your own answers. I truly believe that the key to your destiny resides in the power of your intuition also known as your “inner guidance system”.


The intellect has little to do on the road to self-discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.

Unfortunately life doesn’t come with a user’s manual


Here’s a story with a very important message. Last year my son-in-law, Andrew, bought a do it yourself backyard playground for the kids. A package arrived weighing nearly half a ton. There were over 3,000 pieces to assemble, and the instruction manual looked like

the Staten Island Telephone Directory. Yet each piece fit together perfectly. With the aid of some professional tools and a few relatives Andrew was able to follow the instructions and assemble this wonderful playground for Madison and Matthew. Unfortunately life does not come with a user’s manual or with instructions or a detailed blueprint. We are flying blind until we learn how to access our own intuitive mind.


During my mid-thirties I began questioning my own plan for success. Although I had a very secure position as a high school administrator I was not happy. When it reached the point where I hated going to work I realized it was time for change. What was it that I really wanted to do with my life? What would my ideal work situation look like? How could I use my interests and skills to make a living?


I always wanted to be self-employed. I wanted to make my own hours and of course more money. Most of all as a counselor and educator I wanted to help other people resolve conflicts and develop the tools needed to lead a successful life. I also enjoyed studying metaphysics, philosophy, and psychology. I thought about becoming a clergyman, but I did not have the financial resources to support my family during five long years of school.


Some one famous once said: “when we look for answers with an open heart we receive the information we need to take us to the next step.” Whoever said this was talking about me. Right in the middle of my self reevaluation program one of my friends was about to purchase a new house. My first response was to tell him to forget about the deal. The  house has more problems than he could afford to fix. “Please Bob, don’t buy this house. You’ll be sorry.” When he asked me how I knew I shrugged my shoulders and warned  him again. Of course I was right. Without realizing it I had been using my intuition to help other people since



That was the missing piece. I was going to build my new full-time career around my psychic/intuitive abilities. It seemed so natural to combine my God given talent in conjunction with my formal education to help other people. Once my goals were formed I turned to my intuitive mind for guidance. This crucial step defines my professional life as well as the contents of this article.

Intuition is only a mirror. It does not create anything. It only reflects what is.


Before you read any further take a few moments to carefully answer each of the following questions about yourself and the future of your career. Just like my son-in-law’s blueprint you must also have one. Even if your answers to the questions are vague you are still laying the ground work for your intuitive mind to begin guiding you in the right direction. Again I remind you to take your time with each of these questions, and of course feel free t o change your answers and add new information.


  1. What would my real work situation look like?
  2. What hobbies and interests do I have that could make me a living?
  3. What do I most enjoy doing?
  4. How much money would I like to make?
  5. How much effort and time am I willing to put into finding my ideal career?


Steven has always loves baseball. As a matter of fact he has been a baseball fanatic since he was a child. My client was a walking baseball encyclopedia. While other kids were studying history Steve was memorizing batting averages. He knew the name of every major league baseball player since Ty Cobb. As you might have already guessed his answers to the five questions you just answered indicated that this bright young man could spend his life enjoying a career in some aspect of his favorite sport.


“Jim, I’d love to have a career in baseball, but I’m a fireman with a wife and two children to support. What can I do”?  My advice to Steve was to let me help him develop his intuition so it could guide him to a new rewarding career in baseball. Several weeks into Steve’s training program he decided to subscribe to a local baseball newsletter one of his fellow fire fighters told him about. “Jim, I just had a feeling that this was the right thing to do. The publication is a little over priced, but I believe it can help me.”


An article about a legendary player from old Brooklyn Dodgers caught Steve’s attention. “The guy who wrote this piece made several mistakes.” Steve quickly wrote a letter to the editor correcting the mistake and added   several anecdotes about this famous player. Within a week the publisher contacted Steve and asked him to become a feature writer for the publication. “I can’t believe it. Me writing for a baseball magazine.” It was a small step, but he got his foot in the door.


This happened five years ago. Today Steve has retired from the NYC Fire Department and has his own baseball magazine. He spends his winters in Florida writing about spring training and his summers are spend at any number of baseball parks were he can be found writing feature articles  about his favorite sport. One last piece of news about Steve; his first full length baseball book will be published within the next three months. You might be asking: what does have to do with developing your intuitive mind? Once you awaken  and develop this sleeping giant it will “literally” lead you in a direction that can improve your professional and personal lives.


What exactly is meant by intuition?


The word intuition can be defined as a knowing without any visual or verbal clues. It is derived from the Latin word”intueri”, which means to see within. Intuition is also said to be” a way of knowing, and sensing the truth without an explanation.”

Characteristics of this precious gift include:


  • It travels without a vehicle
  • It is your connection to the “collective unconsciousness of the universe.” It is believed that all minds and knowledge are interconnected (Carl Jung)
  • Your intuition knows you better than any one else, including your conscious mind and intellect.
  • It is timeless which means it is aware of the past present and future
  •  Your intuitive mind has been since your childhood childhood.
  • Your intuitive mind is already fully developed and ready to serve you if you know how to access it
  • Your intuitive mind can be integrated with your conscious mind to produce a “whole person” who can function on several mental levels.
  • Your intuition is an inner guidance system that can lead you to your hopes and dreams


When all else fails only intuition can work


Many of you still believe that intuition belongs to the “gifted few” even though it is commonly acknowledged that we all have this life giving ability just waiting to be awakened and used to help us reach new rewarding goals. How many times have you heard the expression:” listen to the little voice in the back of your head?”  Like many of my clients you may be wondering how to differentiate your intuitive voice from the other clatter that you are constantly being bombarded with? There’s your conscious mind, your critic, and your inner child all crying to be heard. It’s a wonder that we can find our way to the local supermarket with all this craziness going on in your head. The answer to this question will be discussed in another section of this publication. For the time being suspend judgment and continue reading.


How do we receive intuitive information?


Intuitive information is perceived in many ways. Some receive the information as visual images or symbolic pictures. While others have reported having intuitive dreams (this will be covered in the next section). Several of my clients become ill just before some thing bad is about to happen. Many people receive intuitive information through two or more or their senses. You can also have an intuitive flash which is a sudden knowing about some thing before it occurs. Frankly, there is no one right way to receive intuitive information. How it is developed and perceived is unique to each individual.


Throughout this article there will be exercises, suggestions, and plenty of food for thought to help you gain access your intuitive mind. I can’t stress strongly enough that you were born with this “internal guidance system” that can be used to create the life you have always wanted.


A strong ego, a life time of thinking logically and formal education have all helped to   take control of you mind while you were still in high school. As with all mechanisms your conscious sophisticated mind has limitations. For openers it is bound by time and space. It must also decode, analyze and synthesize all information it receives. This takes time, and in generally we have trouble making up our minds about important matters. Our conscious mind has limits. That’s why we have been endowed with a second intuitive mind (lets call it a second brain for the sake of this article).


The conscious mind has taken thousands of years to develop. It is relatively new and we are constaantly programming and stuffing it with all kinds of information. On the other hand, your intuitive mind is primitive and was used by cave dwellers long before they had developed logic and reason. For example, no self-respecting caveman or woman would venture out of the safety of their cave or hiding place unless their “gut feelings” told   them that it was safe to do so. They also relied on their internal guidance system when it came to migrating to greener pastures so they could find food, propagate, and live in peace.


How can I be sure that I really have an intuitive mind?


Please take a moment to answer “yes” or “no” to each of the following questions.

  1. I often feel depressed just before something bad is about to happen___________
  2. I usually know the time with out checking my watch__________
  3. Many of the events in my dreams actually occur______________
  4. My first impressions are usually correct______________
  5. I have a close  unspoken connection with another person______________
  6. My intuitive feelings often go against logic____________
  7. I often feel other people’s depression___________
  8. I  believe that my intuition has already helped me_________________
  9. I am good at predicting t he out come of sporting events__________
  10. I often think of someone just before they contact me_______________
  11. I have a sense of destiny that must be fulfilled________________
  12. I enjoy making predictions about people and events_____________
  13. I enjoy reading mysteries and solving crimes_______________
  14. I do well on multiple choice tests_________________
  15. I often know what the person I’m speaking to will say before they speak_____
  16. I am  good at finding lost objects_________
  17. I have had visions of events before they have occurred_____________
  18. As a child I had very vivid dreams and nightmares________________
  19. I can sense illness before the person is sick_____________
  20. I have a very good sense of direction____________________


If you answered “yes” to 5 or more of these questions your score is better than chance or guessing. In other words you may well be using your intuitive mind without realizing it.


Here is how my workshop students have been using their highly developed intuitive minds:

  • Find new rewarding careers or improve their present position
  • Make new honest friendships and find their true love
  • Several used their intuitive mind to prevent serious accidents or illness form ruining their life or that of a loved one
  • Used their gut feelings to help them start their own business

Ten little known facts about the intuitive mind


  1. General Eisenhower relied  heavily on his intuition before launching D-Day in  June of 1944
  2. Women are more intuitive than men
  3. Thomas Edison said that his intuition helped him to invent the light bulb
  4. The word “intuition” appears in the bible 24 times
  5. Charles Carlson used his intuitive mind to  invent the Xerox process
  6. Ray Crock bought McDonalds because he had a good gut feeling about the place
  7. Clark Gable accepted the lead role in Gone With The Wind because he had a good gut feeling about the movie.  On the other hand, Garry Cooper, who was first asked to star in the movie, said “logically speaking no one wants to see another movie about the old South.”
  8. Abraham Lincoln saw his own death in an intuitive flash
  9. The Irish are said to be the most intuitive people in the  world
  10. Children are very intuitive until they are eight or nine years old.


Our intuition speaks to us every day but we do not know how to listen


It’s time to follow your intuitive yearning


Most of my clients come to me when they are ready to change their lives.  This desire often begins as an inner feeling of discontentment. You know for certain that you no longer like your job. “It’s time to leave you say”, but where do you go and how do you begin searching for a new career? I strongly believe that when you are feeling these negative feelings your intuitive mind is telling you that it‘s time to go.


The most common way you might experience the need for change, in any area of your life, is that you feel restless, anxious and bored. When you consistently feel any of these symptoms consider it to be a signal that the time has come to let go of something that no longer works for you,


For most, discomfort often creates the motivation for change. If you become uncomfortable enough, you eventually take action to leave the job or relationship you dislike. Instead of seeing it as a signal for change, we decide that our discomfort is not as bad as it seems. “I hate my boss and his crummy staff, but I need the money, and he annoys other people in the office too.”


If we disregard the symptoms long enough our intuitive mind is likely to see that we are not get ting the message-so it increases the intensity of the message it is sending us. Symptoms include-upset stomach, irritability, and a host of other undesirable symptoms; ignore these warning signs long enough and you’ll likely have a crisis on your hands.


I have a client named Thomas. When he first came to see me he was vice president of advertising at some large Fortune 500 Company. He came to me because he was no longer satisfied with his current career.  “Jim, I hate my job. This position has no purpose for me any more. I’m bored and tired of people using me all the time. I’m at the top of my game and I can’t quit because I make too much money. What do I do now?”  As you can see my client has fallen into a financial trap that holds many people back from switching to other desirable, but less paying careers.


When I asked Tom what he was passionate about he told me that he always enjoyed teaching. We spoke at length about this. I explained that when we take small steps towards something our intuitive mind will show us the right path to our dreams, if we let it. As we discussed Tom leaving his present position he again reminded me of the large salary he is pulling down. He also added “What if I fail, what would I do then?”


Each time he came to see me he voiced the same complaints about his career. He was becoming increasingly tired and irritable. To make matters worse he was becoming very negative and had several arguments with fellow employees.  I pointed out to Tom that he was ignoring his intuition (and mine for that matter). During the next five weeks there was one crisis after another at work


Tom called me to say that he finally got the message. “I had to leave. It’s time to create a new life for myself. Intuitively I know that I’ll find the right career for myself.”  After several more weeks of deciding what to do with the rest of his life Tom accepted a teaching position with the City University of NY, and plans to begin working on a Ph.D. in Strategic Business Management

Section II

How To Develop Your Intuition.


The biggest temptation is to settle for too little

Thomas Merton



Grandma’s story


Way back in the spring of 1912 my maternal grandmother and her family were returning to the United States after spending a month in England with her mother and stepfather. As soon as grandma boarded the ship she became nervous and anxious. Before they reached their cabin she began crying and begged to be taken of the ship. “Please Jim, get me off this ship. I have a very bad feeling about this place.”


Even though the steward and several officers of the ship assured her that she was on the “newest and safest sheep in the fleet” she begged to leave before the vessel set sail. Within the next twenty minutes they were refunded their money and my mother’s family booked passage on another ship that was leaving a week later. What really makes this seemingly unimportant story relevant is that the ship my dear old grandmother begged to be taken off was the SS Titanic, and that she was three months pregnant with my mother.


Many years later during the   dark days of WWII grandma’s oldest son was reported missing in action and presumed to be dead. Her response to this horrible news was to tell the grief stricken family that he was hiding in some deserted building and would be found within the week, which of course he was


Intuition functions in quantum leaps. It does not follow any logical procedure, it simply knows.


What are “gut feelings”?


Gut feelings are very primitive in nature. It is now believed many species of animals have gut feelings. As I mentioned earlier in this article our ancestors, the cave dwellers, depended on this trait for their very survival. This primitive ability, like your intuition is always working and ready to help you at a moments notice. For most of us the gut feeling is an instantaneous knowing about something or someone.


Has this ever happened to you? You are invited to a social gathering. Some of the people are already known to others are total strangers. Several minutes after you arrive the host  introduces you to a very pretty young lady. You chat for several minutes than she excuses herself to speak to another one of the guests. In the space of the short time you spoke to her you realized that there is something you do not like about this person. No, it’s nothing she said or did. It’s just a funny feeling that she is not what she appears to be.  “Wow, I hope I never see her again. There is something very wrong with this woman.” Your host smiles at your remark then tells you that you’re right. As it turns out, this seemingly innocent young lady, who is dressed to perfection, is really a nasty self-centered person.


The second you approached this woman your “gut feelings” began scanning her from head to toe. We do this constantly on a subconscious level.  Like the cave dwellers we too are protecting ourselves from possible harm. Although you did not know specifically     why you disliked her you were dead sure that you never wanted to meet her again.


Intellect has its use, but by so me misfortune it has become the master of your whole being


Stop reading for a moment and try this exercise


Pick a question you’d like a simple “yes” or “no” answer to. Now pose the question to yourself and expect an immediate answer. Does the answer make sense to you? No take the same question and feed it to your conscious, logical mind. Notice how this part of  your brain mulls over the question and comes up with several possible answers, and of course more questions. Your gut feeling and intuitive mind have been wired to respond instantly. Did your gut feelings provide you with the right answer to the question? Time will tell. Practice this exercise and your gut responses to the events in your life will become stronger and more reliable.


Whenever something comes from the intellect it is not science, but only technology


How to develop your intuition


The purpose of this exercise is to show you how to awaken and use your very powerful intuitive mind. Remember, your intuition is already working. All you need do is learn  how to access  the information that you are receiving.


Let’s begin. The first thing I would like to you do is to buy a notebook and label it “My Intuitive Journal.  When ever you feel something is going to happen (an intuitive pick up), write in you journal. No matter how insignificant this event may seem to be record it. For example, “I feel that Dave will have a headache this afternoon or today I will hear from Mary.” If it is not practical to carry your journal around with you all day write the intuitive information on a piece of paper and transfer it to your journal at your leisure.


Some time during the day make a habit of setting aside 5-10 minutes to sit back and actively scan your mind for intuitive information then record this material in your journal. When you have ten or more entries check your journal for accuracy. Some of the events may occur right way while others could take days, weeks or months to transpire. As you continue practicing this exercise several things begin to happen. First, with practice your intuitive pick ups  become more accurate. Secondly, you are learning the difference between wishing, guessing, and an actual intuitive pick up. And most of all, you are training your intuitive mind to work conjointly with your conscious mind to produce one integrated person. Several of my workshop students have been consistently adding their intuitive/psychic impressions to their journal for five or more years.


The intuitive dream


Have you ever gone some place for the first time and felt as if you have been there before? Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt as if you already knew them? These are very common events that make us sit up and take notice. “Hey, what’s going on here? Why do I feel as if I have been here before? This woman seems so familiar. No you’re not losing your mind. Although you may not remember the circumstances you have already met this person or ventured to this seemingly familiar place in a dream.


Yes, many of our dreams are intuitive in nature. Yet we do no remember this until the actual event takes place. Statistically speaking, by the time you have reached your sixty fifth birthday you will have spent four years of you’re your life sleeping. At least two of those years would be spent dreaming. Think of the valuable information about your life you could reclaim if you could learn to remember your dreams on a regular basis?


Before learning how to have intuitive dreams let’s talk about how you can learn to   remember your dreams. Here is a simple technique for you to try. Believe me if it is done properly it will soon be tapping into your own “personal dream world.” Just before you fall off to sleep simply repeat” I will awaken with a dream…I will awaken with a dream.” Continue saying this until you fall off to sleep. You should always keep a notebook or pad handy to record a dream when you awaken with one…never trust your memory. The greatest dream will be a vague fleeting memory by morning. Please trust me on this.


Much to your surprise you are now remembering your dreams on a regular basis. Each dream, no matter how unimportant it may seem to be, is teaching you more about yourself and your world. Now you are ready to begin programming your “Dream Maker” to provide you with helpful intuitive information. Note: You can learn more about developing your dream life in another one of my publications…”How To Predict Your Future While You Sleep”


Let’s say that you are looking for a new financially rewarding position with a large Fortune 500 Company. So far you are not having any luck. Why not try this simple exercise to expedite matters? As you fall off to sleep repeat “where can I find the career I have been searching for”…continue repeating this until you drop off to sleep. As in the previous exercise, if you awaken with a dream write it down immediately. What you are doing is literally asking your subconscious mind to provide you with the information you need. Remember this portion of your mind can be programmed, and it has access to the past present and future. If you have doubts about this please suspend judgment for the purpose of these exercises.

Your answer may come to you in the form of a dream or through any of your senses.  One of my clients programmed her “Dream Maker” to help her find “true love”.  Within five weeks this lovely young lady met Mr. Right. “Jim, I didn’t expect this to work so fast. I was at a party where I met this man. I immediately was attracted to him and some thing told me to just walk over and introduce myself. We hit it of right away. Later that night Billy told me that he was also attracted to me, but felt to shy to introduce himself.” Is this coincidence? You be the judge.


Some final thoughts on intuition


Most of you, my clients and reading audience, have spent thousands of dollars as well as many hard years of work trying to get-ahead in this world. You too have had your share of horrible jobs and relationships from hell. It’s time to start using more of what you already have so you can have what you really want instead of settling for second or third best. My training and professional experience have taught me that one of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to develop and use your God-given intuitive mind.


Read Psychic For Life by Jim Weiss for more on Intuition