How to Predict your Future While You Sleep

By James R. Weiss

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We are such stuff

As dreams are made on, and our little life

Is round with Sleep.

Shakespeare, The Tempest


How many times have you heard yourself say: “I knew I had an important dream last night, but I couldn’t remember it when I woke up this morning”? Forgetting dreams, even important ones is quite common, especially when your busy schedule rushes you out of  bed before your eyes are fully opened. To make matters worse you have not been taught to place any great value in dreams.


Did you know that a sixty year old man or woman has spent nearly six years of their lives sleeping? Four of these years have been spent dreaming. Think of all the insights and information about you and your skills, talents as well as your emotional well being have been lost simply because you were never taught how to remember your dreams on a regular basis.


Here’s How Learning To Remember Your Dreams Can Help You


  • Learn more about your personality, skills and talents that are yet to be explored and developed.
  • Are you one of millions who are plagued by nightmares? Soon you will be able to erase bad dreams with a easy to use technique I’ve developed especially for my workshop students.
  • Learn how to program your dream maker to lead you to true love and a new rewarding career.
  • Having a problem or two? Let your dreams provide the answers you need now.
  • Learn to have “waking dreams” so you can once and for all take charge of your life.
  • This publication will also teach you how to predict your future while you sleep.


The Ancient Art of Dreaming


During the first hour of my Dream Maker Seminar one or more of my students is bound to ask me if remembering their dreams will cause them to have nightmares or bring horrible buried thoughts and feelings to the surface and cause emotional problems. “Jim, what if something horrible shows up in my dreams? What would I do? After I spend a few minutes assuring these lovely people that this is not likely to happen they settle down and enjoy the rest of the program. If you too are dealing with your own “night monsters” this publication may be able help you too.


Using dreams to predict the future and solve every day problems is nothing new. Archeologists now believe that every ancient civilization maintained some form of dream temple. This was a sacred place where the medicine man or shaman would go before making important decisions. The Greeks flocked to the temple of the god Askelepios to incubate healing dreams and the Romans built elaborate Dream Temples where holy men would spend most of their time consulting the “guardians of the dream” No decision large or small was made until the high priest had received guidance in his dreams.


The Druid priests also created their own “Dream Sanctuaries deep in the forest where they could be close to nature. As pantheists (those who worship trees, rock and the earth itself) they too consulted their dreams as an important part of their religious rituals. Let us not forget the Hopi and Senoi Indians. These tribes, as recently as the twentieth century, would consult their dreams before selecting a new l leader or taking a spouse. The anthropologists who studied these two groups were surprised to learn that there was no history of mental illness or suicide among these native peoples. Coincidence or does relying on your dream life for guidance help to make you a well balanced person? You be the judge.


How To Remember Your Dreams


Here is the quickest and easiest way I know to remember your dreams. At night or whenever you sleep simply repeat “I will awaken with a dream…I will awaken with a dream”. Continue repeating this phrase until you drift off to sleep. What you are doing here is programming your subconscious mind to remember dreams rather than having them slip off into oblivion.


Awakening with a dream is just the beginning. Never trust your memory. By morning the most powerful dream will be nothing more than a vague memory unless you record it in your Dream Diary. You may want to purchase a small notebook and use it exclusively to record your dreams. I strongly suggest that you record your dream as soon as it awakens you. Sit up in bed and write it out in detail, use a tape recorder or move to another room to record the events of this dream. It has been my experience that when you begin recording a dream the contents begin to flow gradually at first, as you continue more and more of this dream will be pouring out of your mind and into your Dream Diary.  


Record everything, even if it takes you several minutes to accomplish this. Leave nothing out. No matter how trivial it may appear to be record it in your diary. When you return to bed continue repeating “I will awaken with a dream…I will awake with a dream” as you did earlier in the evening. Many of my clients report awakening at least twice with important dreams. Again at the expense of repeating myself…never trust your memory. It takes just a few minutes to record these nocturnal gems.


If you awaken in the morning without remembering a dream please don’t panic. Be patient with yourself. and remember you are retraining your mind to give you information it has been taught to ignore for most of your life..


To help you remember your dreams you may want to use the following exercise. Many of my workshop students have found this particular one to be quite helpful. If you do not awaken with a dream make up a dream, and treat just as if it were a real one. Go as far as recording it in your Dream Diary. This serves two purposes. First you are conditioning yourself to write about dreams when you awaken. Secondly, by making up a dream you may actually trigger a real one that you have nearly forgotten.



What Are My Dreams Trying To Tell Me?


Once your dream has been written out in as much detail as possible it’s time to begin the second phase which is analysis. For example: let’s say you’ve had a dream about your third grade teacher Miss Blunderberg. This dream takes place at one of the local malls. Instead of politely speaking to you this beloved teacher is waving her finger at you and screaming insults in your direction…wow is  this a bad dream. To begin with Miss Blunderberg has been dead for the last ten years. No, it’s not her dead spirit coming to you for some sick type of revenge for the grief you caused her.


If you do not understand this or any of your other dreams you can simply ask the dream character who she represents in your life. Our dream symbols are loaded with significant messages about us and our world. All we need do is ask the right questions and the “dream code” will be broken. Ask your old teacher what message she has for you. “Miss Blunderbust what are you trying to tell me about myself?” If she does not answer it is time to do some role playing. Place two chairs near each other. Pose the question to your teacher then get up and sit in the other chair which is hers.  Now let her speak. “I’m the part of you that is angry at you for not getting a better education. You can do so more with your life if you try harder.”


This is a very powerful message. A deeper aspect of yourself is telling you what you may have already suspected. It is time to move your life forward. As you continue working with your dreams there is a very strong chance that your dreams will reveal more about your abilities, and a new rewarding career. More about psychic dreams later.


As you practice recording and decoding your dreams they will become less and less symbolic. Your deeper level of mind, the aspect of you that is all wise and knowing (some believe that it is our connection to the universal force) will speak to you directly through your dreams. Once harnessed your dream maker can help you to become aware of untapped skills and talents. In addition, conflicts and problems that you have been avoiding or maybe not totally aware of will be exposed and properly dealt with thus freeing your mind to create a more positive life for you, and in turn those you love.


A Word About Nightmares


At one time or another we have all experienced a nightmare. This happens for a variety of reasons. Being ill or emotionally distressed can trigger one of these monsters. Usually they last for a few seconds then you awaken in a cold sweat or with the chills. The real problem occurs when you or someone close to us are plagued by these unwanted night monsters. Young children with active imaginations and a lack of adult logic are prime candidates for nightmares.


Here is an exercise that I’ve taught to hundreds of my clients and workshop student. If used properly it works like a charm. The next time you or some one close to you has a nightmare consciously replay the dream, but this time you are going to change it. Let’s say a horrible animal is chasing you through the streets. To make matters worse there is no one nearby to help you. When you replay the dream stop running take out your water gun and squirt the ugly monster. Notice how the people standing near you begin to laugh as the animal starts crying. You have defused this night terror my turning it into something funny. You may even want to give this creature a cute name such as “fluffy” or “buttons”


In affect you are defusing a scary dream by turning it into a joke. Continue doing this exercise until the nightmare(s) subsides. If you are being plagues by these “night monsters” over a long period of time I suggest you seek professional help.


Hey Look At Me I’m Dreaming


As previously stated, the ancient Dream Temples were places where the high priest would go to sleep and communicate with the Dream Maker. One technique that these mystical people would use to receive information was the lucid dream, also known as the “waking dream”. During the dream process the dreamer knows that he /she is having a dream. Once you have reached this point in your training you too are ready to alter your dreams.


This is significant for several very important reasons. First, you are learning to harness and control a very special aspect of your life. You too will soon be able to alter the course of a dream life. If you are troubled by nightmare or a continuing series of disturbing dreams you now have the ability to change the dream as it is occurring. Secondly, and more important, is the fact that once you begin altering unwanted dreams  you will soon be able to alter the events in your life, for the better of course. Symbolically you are learning how to control the events of your life rather than having them control you.


How To Predict Your Future While You Sleep


If you have been practicing the exercises in this publication you will be recalling your dreams on a regular basis. In addition, you should be also learning more about your own special “internal life”. Your Dream Diary is chock-filled with information about yourself. Each week brings you new insights and understanding about your personality and motives. More and more you are feeling good about yourself and the progress you are making. Congratulations…you are on your way to becoming a dreamer that rivals any medicine man or shaman.


You are now ready for the next step. As in the previous exercises you will keep your Dream Diary close to your bed. Record all dreams as before, and as always, be patient with yourself.  Just before falling off to sleep repeat: “I will awaken with a psychic dream…I will awaken with a psychic dream”.  Again let me stress the fact that you are programming your mind to remember the psychic information that you are constantly receiving. Your conscious mind has been in control of your life since childhood. This, of course is necessary, but this aspect of our mental make-up also filters out psychic impressions. In short, you are learning by-pass your logical mind so the psychic information from your subconscious mind can come through.


Here’s what this exercise can do for you:

  • Predict your future while you sleep.
  • Provide specific answers important questions such as: where can I find a new financially rewarding career. Where can I find “true love”?
  • Once your psychic mind has been activated it will become stronger and  speak to you while you are awake.
  • More often than not you will begin to find yourself in the right place at the right time.
  • You are adding a new important dimension to your life.


One Last Thought


“Our minds are like ice-bergs”. This is an analogy I present to my workshop students at the beginning of each seminar and workshop. We are capable of so much more than we believe. Our mental processes are the most complex structures in the universe. It was Einstein who said “we use such a small part of our mental capacities”  Keeping this in mind I ask each and every one of  you to be patient with yourself and practice the exercises I have provided for you in this publication.


I’m Only an E-Mail Away


If for any reason you are having difficulties with the material in this publication or need my help in any other aspect of your life please feel free to contact me. I will be there to help you…I promise.