How To Relive Your Past Lives

Written by: James R. Weiss

Brief are my days among you, and briefer still the words I have spoken But should my voice fade in your ears and my love vanish in your memory then I will come a gain with a richer heart and lips more yielding.
Kalil Gibran

Since the dawn of our existence man has been fascinated with death and the nature of our soul. Many of our esteemed philosophers, theologians and psychologists such as Plato, Emerson, Dante, Nietzsche and Carl Jung have used the concept of reincarnation as one of the focal points of their teachings. It was Plato who was quoted as saying: “Our present knowledge has been collected over many past lives.”

In medieval France and Germany it was believed that the window in a dead person’s home had to be left opened so their soul could exit. In Asian countries such as Japan and China it was believed that the soul would turn into a bird or a cloud and drift off to another time, place and body. This is what we call reincarnation In Latin the word reincarnation means: “to return to the flesh again”.

The ancient Egyptians based their religions on the idea of reincarnation. Osiris, the God of Death was said to be the first Egyptian to reincarnate. When a pharaoh died his successor became the new reincarnation of Osiris. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is one of the oldest books in existence. This splendid work, which was first translated orally, explains in detail how the soul should progress before returning to an earthly form.

Reincarnation is one of the a main principle of the Buddhist religion and philosophy. The individual’s body is said to be destroyed at death and reborn at another time and place so the soul may continue to grow and become more enlightened. In addition, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and several other reliable sources state that the Essenes, a scholarly, priestly class, describe, among other things, how the soul survives death to be born again. ‘The air is filled with souls. Those nearest to the earth come down to be with human beings”.

It was Jesus himself who claimed that his spiritual brother, John the Baptist, was the reincarnation of Elijah. The Hasidim, an ultra-orthodox Jews state: “when a man dies prematurely what becomes of his soul? What becomes of the joys and sorrows and all the thoughts he did not have time to think? No human life goes to waste. If one dies before his time his soul returns to earth to complete the span, to do the things undone.”

The Dali Lama, the spiritual leaders of thousands of pious men and women is said to be the reincarnation of his predecessor. The current one was selected after he correctly recognized people who had been part of his life while he was the last Dali Lama.

Have I Lived Before?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by my clients. During the past twenty-five years I have personally regressed more than five thousand men, women and children from all walks of life. Many of these same people have been able to verify one or more of their past lives. The following quiz, based on what scientists know about reincarnation, will help you to decide whether you too have had prior lives.

Take a moment to answer “yes” or “no” to each of the following questions:

1. As a child do remember people or events that neither you or your family had any connection_________________
2. Do you have any unusual talents or skills that differ drastically from those of your family.____________
3. Do you dream of different times and places.___________
4. Have you ever met someone you have immediately liked or disliked.______
5. Have you ever been attracted to another period in time.__________
6. Do you have an intimate understanding of the opposite sex.________
7. Have you ever felt a fear or foreboding in a strange place __________
8. Did you have an easy learning one or more foreign language.________
9. Are your personality traits dramatically different from you r family.____
10. Do you identify strongly with a person who lived before your time.______
11. Is there a certain time of year when you feel sadder than others._____
12. Do you ever have brief periods of tuning out.____________
13. Are you strangely attracted to one or more places.________
14. Have you ever developed an immediate rapport with a stranger.______
15. Can you actually remember parts of another life.________

Statistically a “yes” to three or more of the above questions strongly indicates that you too have had prior lives.

How Can I Be Sure Reincarnation Really Does Exist?

Contrary to popular belief we do not reincarnate as famous or glamorous people. During our regression exercises my clients have reported seeing themselves living quiet ordinary lives. It is often the case that some of my reincarnation workshop students learned that they have lived in a prior life with one or more of their current family members. Some skeptics such as Mary (not her real name) were able to validate one of her past lives with a clipping she found in an old newspaper.

Mary’s Story

Mary came to me for help because her fear of water, loud noises and crowds were getting worse. “Jim, I’ve tried every thing including counseling, but my fears are getting worse. What can I do? My psychiatrist wants to put me on some kind of medicine. I can’t do that.” After several additional sessions Mary agreed to let me regress her to see if we could get at the root cause of her fears.

As we ventured back into one of Mary’s past lives she saw herself, in another time and in another body falling into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. “Jim, I could actually see myself gasping for air and freezing. I was a young girl leaving home with my older sister. We were coming to New York to live with our Aunt Maureen. I was on the Titanic when it sunk. I know I was there. It was so clear. I could see the people around me screaming and jumping into the freezing water.” Mary was correct. A quick search of the passenger list proved that the young lady by that name along with an older sister did indeed perish on the Titanic during that fateful night at sea. Coincidence, lucky guess or did Mary check the list before we did the past life regression? The answer is no to all of these questions. Within months of our excursion into Mary’s past her symptoms began to disappear. During our last session together Mary said: “Knowing that these fears were left unresolved from a prior life helped me to let go of them forever.”

There are hundreds of other stories just like Mary’s, but time does not permit me to go into them. Psychiatrists and other trained mental health workers are using past life regression techniques to get at the root causes of their patients problems. Past life therapy has been used since the early 1970’s when a psychiatrist named John Netherlander successfully used past life regression to help his patients resolve old conflicts that were keeping them from living otherwise normal lives.

How Is It Possible To Reincarnate?

This is frequently asked question that deserves our attention. Without being too technical here are some of the current theories on reincarnation:

Energy can not be created nor destroyed. Our bodies are composed of energy that can easily be measured and seen in our auras. Upon our death our energy or “life force” remains behind to be reborn at another time ands place. The exact mechanics of this process is still pretty much unknown.

Scientists have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that minute particles of energy can travel back and forth in time. Subatomic physics, also known as Quantum Physics, is helping us to understand that our past, present and future are all connected.

The Law of Karma states that our souls must resolve many conflicts and become pure before our job here on earth is finally done. To accomplish our soul’s purpose we reincarnate in a climate that will best help us to grow. Unfortunately this is not the case. That’s why we have reincarnated many times, and in many places and situations. Sooner or later most of us get it right and will no longer have the need to reincarnate.

Why Don’t We Remember our Past Lives?

I’ve been often asked why can’t we remember our past lives. Some times we actually do. Take a moment to review your answers to the questions on reincarnation on page two of this article. For the most past, memories of past lives lie buried in the recesses of our super-conscious mind. Could you imagine carrying around all the suffering, pain and bad memories from hundreds of past lives? Yes, you’ve had hundreds, of past lives. With all of this past emotion churning around in your head you would find it difficult to cross the street without help. Forget about a career or a normal relationship. See what I’m driving at?

In addition to the unbearable pain and suffering we would be carrying think of the amount of memory that would be needed to house this information. For example, can you remember what you had for dinner last Thursday night? Of course not, there are too many important things we have to store in our memory.

Why Bother To Relive My Past Lives?

The following are the reasons listed by many of my clients for wanting to relive their past lives. Before you begin the exercises, you may want to take a moment to examine your own reasons.

Resolve conflicts and get to the root causes of anxiety, chronic depression, as well as a variety of other emotional and physical problems. Remember how Mary was restored to health once she confronted the initial anxiety producing event.

Since we are the sum total of every thing we have ever been we come into this life with skills, talents, and abilities that have yet to be uncovered and developed during our present life. During our reincarnation workshops my students have often seen themselves as painters, musicians and writers in prior lives. Many of these same people have gone on to develop and use these same abilities to enhance their present life.

As previously stated we return to an earthly form to be provided with both positive and negative experiences. Many of my workshop students are surprised to learn that they have repeatedly returned with family members, friends, and even enemies. According to our philosophers mystics, and psychologists we return to raise our level of consciousness.
You could refer to this as a “cosmic self improvement course”, one that could take several eons to complete.

Intellectual curiosity draws many bright articulate people to my reincarnation workshops and seminars. As one college professor stated after one of my recent seminars: “your course has helped me to see myself as more than a scholar and teacher.”

Now For The Exercises

The exercises that I have included in this publication for you have already been used in my workshops, seminars and lecture series. Some of these I have created for use by my students, others are modern variations of ancient techniques. The purpose of these exercise is to trigger your subconscious mind so it will provide information about your past lives. Of course you realize that since you have had literally hundreds of reincarnations you can use the material provided here again and again to learn more about your past and how it affects your present and future lives.

The Dream Technique

Just before you fall off to sleep begin repeating “I will awaken with a past life memory.” Continue repeating this until you fall asleep. When you awaken during the night with a dream about your past…or any other subject for that matter immediately sit up and w rite out the contents in as much detail as possible. If you do not write the dream out chances are that you will not remember it upon waking. Please trust me on this.

By repeating this simple statement: I will awaken with a past life memory” you are accomplishing two things. First you are programming your super conscious mind to provide you with the information you are asking for. Secondly you are, sooner or later, going to be receiving information about a past life. Write it down not matter how fragmented it may be. Over the course of several months of practicing this exercise you will be piecing fragments together to get a clearer picture of one or more past lives. This is a very powerful exercise and you can also use it to program yourself for a new career or new relationship.

Play Your Life In Reverse

This is a very interesting and productive exercise to use. First find yourself a comfortable chair. Do not lie down while you do this or any of the following exercises simply you will tempted to fall asleep for a peaceful little nap, and of course this is no the purpose of these exercises. As always, keep a pad and pen next to your chair to record your responses and impressions. Leave nothing out no matter how trivial it may appear.

Begin this exercise by seeing yourself today, and then gradually begin seeing yourself grow younger. Some of my clients like to have pictures of themselves in front of them as they do this exercise. If you chose to do the same have, them prearranged in descending order. Slowly review each stage of your life until you reach infancy. Continue concentrating on this all important phase of the exercise until you feel yourself being drawn into another prior life. Be patient with yourself and practice this exercise.

Some of my clients prefer doing this exercise with a partner who verbally regresses them as they sit in a relaxed position with their eyes closed. As always, please be sure to keep a pad and pen or tape recorder handy to record all responses.

The Resonance Technique

I personally enjoy this technique for a variety of reasons. First it’s fun and easy to use, and secondly it can provide a wealth of information about one or more of your past lives. Begin by searching through history for your favorite period. Mine was WWII. Once that was established I begin writing about the war, especially several of the major battles. Sure enough when I turned my attention to the disaster at Wake Island, at the beginning of the war, I began to feel anxious and frightened. Something clicked. After using several more techniques, including the last one I have provided for you, I saw myself as a young soldier from California. He was killed during the battle for Wake Island in 1942. You might be wondering if this was real or just my active imagination. To verify this past life I checked a local California newspaper which verified that a young soldier from the town of Ukiah died exactly when and where I said he did. I even knew his name and the name of his brothers and sisters. Is this a coincidence, not likely?

Trip To The Basement

This is the most exciting exercise I have ever encountered. It is a variation of a very ancient method of reliving past lives that was used by the ancient Druid Priests. To do this exercise properly you will need a very comfortable chair and lots of peace and quiet. Some prefer to record this exercise, then play it back over and over again to relive several of their past lives. Many of my students prefer to have a friend or relative read the exercise to them so they can completely relax.You will be safely walking down a flight of twenty steps. When you open the door at the bottom of the landing you will be standing in a past life viewing yourself as you were in this particular past life. This is a highly symbolic exercise. What you are actually doing is asking your super conscious mind to go back down into your past. Be patient with yourself, and remember that every one of my workshop students have relived one or more of their past lives using this exercise. You may wish to prerecord this exercise or have a friend read it to you.

Begin by seeing yourself standing at the top of a long flight of stairs. At the bottom is a door that will open for you once you reach the bottom and touch it. But for now just relax and begin clearing your mind of all problems and thoughts. Give yourself plenty of time to relax. As you begin to become more and more relaxed give yourself the suggestion to stay awake. “I will not fall asleep…I will not fall asleep.” If you do not repeat this simple statement several times or you will fall into a peaceful sleep. Of course this is not the purpose of this exercise.

Now begin slowly walking sown the stairs…20…19…18…each step you takes sends you into a peaceful relaxation…deeper and deeper you go…17…16…each step you take brings you into a more peaceful relaxation…deeper and deeper into a peaceful calm relaxation…15..14..13… you are relaxing more and more…12…11..10…your body is relaxed and your mind is clearing of all problems and thoughts…9…8…7…you are relaxing more and more and looking forward to a very positive experience…6…5…4…3… your body and mind is relaxing more and more…2…1…you touch the door in front of you and it opens…take your time…when you step through you are looking at a past life…notice where you are…you see yourself in another life standing in front of you…ask the person for their name…you notice what they are wearing…you notice the time period…the other people who are with you in this past life…take your time and notice as much as you can about your surroundings…ask the following questions:
1. Who is with me now who was with me in this past life?
2. What skills did I have in this life that I still possess?
3. What did I have to learn in this past life, did I learn it?
4. What is my purpose in my current life?

You can do this exercise as many times as you like. Above all do not be discouraged. Practice this exercise or with a friend, and use it in combinations with the other exercises I have provided for you in this article. If you have any trouble using this or any of the other exercises please feel free to contact me and I will be only too happy to help you. Many of my clients enjoy reliving their past lives in a workshop setting or in their own private session with me. If you and your friends wish to do the same please contact me and we can arrange a mutually convenient time for your sessions.