Before you were born you created a Life Plan for yourself. One that would provide you with a soul mate and lead you to the career you were meant to have. Unfortunately no one has ever helped you access your own unique Life Plan. This may well be the reason why you feel stuck and frustrated in your current relationship and career.

To help you access your own Life Plan I am inviting you and your friends to schedule your initial hour psychic consultation with me and pay only $80

If you are interested in accessing your unique Life Plan here’s how your one hour session with me can help: 

  • Learn what your Life Plan has to say about your current relationship
  • If your present job is unrewarding let’s see what your Life Plan has to say about the future of your career
  • If you feel stuck and your life seems to be going in circles its time to access your Life Plan
  • Still looking for your soul mate? Let’s see what your Life Plan has to say about your soul  mate
  • Affordable follow up sessions so I can show you how to begin living your Life Plan once we have accessed it
  • …and most of all let me help you access your Life Plan if you are ready for change
For your convenience you can see me at my Staten Island office, or at my new office in lower Manhattan. By Appointment Only
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