How to Use Your Intuition To Attract Your Soul Mate

By James R. Weiss

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Tired of blind dates with characters straight out of Mad Magazine? What about those singles bars where everyone treats you like a slab of meat hanging in the window at Tony’s Deli? I’m sure many of you have wasted your time and money surfing the net looking for Mr. or Miss “Right”. After spending hours searching for just the right person to respond to you’re shocked to learn that your intended date is actually an escaped mental patient looking for a “crash pad”.

Like a thirsty man or woman searching the desert for water you continue your quest for your soul mate”. Each disappointment makes your journey a little more frustrating. You could always join a convent or become a cloistered monk, but your inner voice urges you to try again…and again.

If the dating game is getting you no where you are, like many of my other clients, ready to embrace a whole new approach to meeting your “soul mate”. Old expressions such as: “There’s no one out there any way” and “I’ll never meet any one nice” are negatives that are keeping you from exploring new proven methods that can lead you to true lasting love. As you practice each of the exercise I’ve carefully prepared for you in this publication remember that they really do work if you are patient and believe in your own abilities.


Finding Your Soul Mate 

Before you begin learning how to use your intuition to attract romance let’s take a closer look at what constitutes a “soul mate” Some call it body chemistry. Psychologists and many philosophers refer to soul mates as a relationship that goes beyond a physical and emotional level to a higher spiritual dimension. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and the Druid priestly class of Ireland and Western Europe all believed that “soul mates” were actually one soul that split in half when all the souls came into being at the beginning of creation. Since each half was incomplete it sought to regain wholeness by uniting with its other half. Whether you believe this or not it really makes sense.  In reality we are all looking to unite with that special “other.”


Carl Jung, Johann Wolfgang Gother and even our own Thomas Alva Edison were among those who believed that soul mates reincarnate at the same time to help each other through life. During my reincarnation workshops many of my students were surprised to learn that their soul mate had reincarnated with them in this life to provide the love and nurturing they need to lead productive happy lives. As previously stated the idea of “soul mates” is not new. Archeologists tell us that ancient Stone Age religions were the first to mention that the soul splits into two just before birth .only to reunite to become whole again.


Questions frequently asked by my students include: How will I know if this person is my “true” soul mate? What if I pick the wrong person again? Maybe I really have no intuition to develop? The beauty of the exercises that I have outlined for you in this publication is that each step you take will prove to you that you do have a very powerful intuitive mind just waiting to be developed and used to help you find true love and a lasting relationship. Like any other skill developing your intuitive mind requires practice and patients.

Your Intuitive Mind


In order to understand how our intuitive mind works let’s assume that our brain is divided into two sections. The fist is logical. Its main function is to reason, think clearly, and critically. Knowledge and information needed to conduct our daily lives is processed and stored in this portion of our brain. Without this complex collection of nerves and memory cells we would not be able to recognize our families or find our way to the kitchen for a late night snack. Your scholar and teacher live in this hemisphere.


The second section of our brain is believed to be the home of our artistic and creative abilities. Music, abstract ideas, and the ability to create new wondrous inventions are born and nurtured here. This portion of our brain is also receptive to intuitive and psychic information which is transmitted to our conscious awareness. Although this intuitive information is constantly bombarding us, education and the adult world quickly teach us to rely on our logic, even when provides us with the wrong information. It is the intention of this article to help you integrate both your logical and intuitive minds to produce one “together person.”


What exactly is intuition and how can it be used to bring your soul mate into your life? To begin with, intuition is an inner feeling or knowing about a person or an event before it occurs. These intuitive feelings are often subtle and can be easily missed if you do not know how to recognize them.


Our intuition works through all of our senses and can make us feel anxious or jittery just before some thing bad is about to happen to us or one of our loved ones. How many times during the last year alone have you heard yourself say” I just knew that was going to happen”? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  If my hunch is right you too have been using your intuitive mind without realizing it. Just to prove my point take a moment to answer yes or no to each of the following questions:


  1. I often become depressed just before something bad is about to happen_______
  2. I often know what people are going to say before they speak__________
  3. My first impressions of people are usually correct.______________
  4. I have often been sorry for not following my intuitive feelings__________
  5. I can sense some one’s depression even when they appear to be outwardly happy___________
  6. I can pick up on friend’s emotions even though they may be hundreds of miles away from me__________________
  7. Many events in my dreams actually do occur.____________
  8. Many of my family members also use their intuition _______________
  9. My friends and family are constantly asking me for advice_________
  10. I am good at predicting the outcome of sporting events


If you answered “yes” to any of these statements you are probably using your intuition without realizing it. Don’t be surprised. This ability has always been with you. Education and your logical mind have kept you from listening to your inner voice.




The first step is to purchase a small notebook. The smaller the better since you will most likely want to carry this pad with you most of the time. Label your notebook My Intuitive Journal. This is where you are going to record all of your intuitive feelings.


Disregard nothing, no how insignificant an event may be. If you feel it’s going to happen record it in your Intuitive Journal. Use as many specific details as possible. Be sure to include person, place as well as when you feel the event is going to happen.


Many of my students like to set aside several minutes a day to record their intuitive feelings. Remember: disregard nothing, no matter how trivial it may seem.  As a matter of fact some of the information you may record in your journal may make no sense at all, but as we all know the truth is some times stranger than fiction.


Once you have ten or more entries in your Intuitive Journal check for hits (events that actually occurred). Like most, you’ll be surprised to see that four or more of your predictions actually came to pass. Lucky guess, no not likely. Statistically speaking your score is beyond random guessing.


As you continue recording your intuitive feelings several important things begin to happen. First, your level of accuracy increases because you know that you have an intuitive mind that can be trained to serve you. Secondly, your hits are motivating you to be more accurate, and thirdly, you are learning the difference between an intuitive impressions and guessing.


Suddenly, as if by magic you are beginning to find yourself in the right place at the right time. In stead of walking away disappointed by another empty relationship your intuitive voice has warned you not to get involved in the first place.


Meeting that special some one to share your life with should not be a hit or miss situation. It could be as dangerous as driving blind folded or accepting a ride from a total stranger.


How many times have you heard yourself or some one close to you say: “Why didn’t I listen to my own feelings instead of trusting my friend’s opinion?” Now you can take charge of your romantic life. To be more specific you can use your highly developed intuitive mind to find true love. Note: your intuition can also be used to help you find the right career or make other important decisions in your personal and professional lives.


Gut Feelings


Very closely related to intuition is the gut feeling. This is a more basic and primitive feeling that can affect you just before some thing important is abut to happen. The Stone Age cave dwellers depended on their gut feelings for their very existence. No self respecting Neanderthal would leave his cave if their “gut feelings” told them that some viscous animal was waiting to devour them. Your “gut feelings” have often been called your first line of self defense. Gut feelings are also responsible for the impressions we experience when we meet some one for the first time. An expression such as: “I liked him, but I’m not sure why” is an example of your gut feeling at work. This visceral, automatic response is a powerful defense mechanism we often over look.


Take a moment to try this simple exercise:  Close your eyes and pose yourself a simple question that can easily be answered with a yes or no answer. For example, “Will I get the new job?” “Should I continue seeing Mary?” Now, expect the answer almost immediately. Were you surprised by how fast the answer came to you? Now, take the same question and slowly let your logical/conscious mind try to fin d an answer for you. Notice the mental noise and confusion? Your internal computer must sift through tons of information before it can give you the answer while your gut feeling provides the desired answer in a split second.


Which answer to your simple yes/no question is the correct one? As you practice this easy to use exercise, your gut feelings, like your intuition, will get stronger and become    more accurate. Always remember that you are recalling skills and abilities that have always been with you, but dormant till now.   It is safe to say that even as you’re reading this portion of the article your conscious mind is not sure of the correct answer to the previous question.


On a more practical note, during any social or business encounter your gut feelings and intuition will almost instantly tell you whether you will like or dislike a particular person while your conscious mind goes into over drive trying to analyze the situation.


I Can Read Your Mind


Here’s another fun exercise for you to try. I call this particular one “I can read you” Go to some public place. It could be a mall, diner, restaurant, bus, train or any other very public place. Be sure to bring your Intuitive Journal with you. Now for the exercise: select some one at random and ask your intuition and gut feelings to tell you about this person. You might want to pose the following questions to yourself as you are scanning the other person.

  • Would I like to know this person…(go with your first impression)
  • Are they happy, sad or depressed right now?
  • Are they enjoying life?
  • What is their profession?
  • Are they educated?

Record any other information you might be receiving from them


Of course you will not approach this person for verification. This would be violating their privacy and could be embarrassing or even dangerous. The point here is to practice your new skills. How do you know if you are actually “hitting” them? Frankly you don’t, but when you feel something is correct more often than not it is. Remember, once you begin developing these abilities you will soon begin to differentiate between guessing and an actual hit. Practice makes perfect.

You can also scan your friends and relatives for intuitive information. This could be fun. Tell these lovely people that you are developing a new skill and need their assistance. Most will be only too happy to have you scan them. You can discuss the results with them once you have finished. A word of caution is needed here. Under no circumstance should you scare any one. Avoid remarks such as “I feel you are going to have a bad accident soon” or “do you have a heart problem.” In my first full length book Psychic For Life I provide detailed information on how to handle negative material. For now you may simply ask the person to drive safely or remind them that every now and then they should visit their doctor for a check-up.


Contrary to some opinion your intuition and gut feelings are not the dark side of your personality. As previously stated, these are abilities you can use to bring the right person into your life where they belong. What do you have to lose in practicing these easy to use exercises? Stop for a moment and think about the problems your logical educated mind has caused for you thus far.


    Selecting the right person to share your life with is one of the most important responsibilities you will ever undertake. Soaring divorce rates and broken relations happen more often than we would like to imagine. So why not use every skill at your disposal to help secure the happy successful relationship you rightly deserve?


Now that you are beginning to use your intuition and gut feelings to help you find lasting love. Congratulations, you have taken the first giant step. To help you along with your journey I have compiled an intuitive checklist that can help you connect with the right person.


Intuitive Check List


  • What is the first impression I am receiving about this person (remember the first thirty seconds are the most important)
  • What specific intuitive feelings am I picking up about this person?
  • Do I know the difference between intuitive feelings and guessing?
  • What mental pictures is my intuition sending me about this person?
  • Does being with this person make me feel anxious or tense (feeling tones can be positive or negative)


Developing any new skill or talent takes time so please be patient with yourself, and practice the exercises I have provided for you. Be sure to continue adding material to your Intuitive Journal, and most of all put a small amount of time aside each day to practice your new skills.


If for any reason you are having any difficulty with the material in this publication or wish to share your experience with me and our reading audience please feel free to contact me. I’ll be there to help you. 

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