If you are interested in knowing more about your romantic life take a moment to answer “yes” or “no” to each of the following questions.

This questionnaire is included in my new book. “To Love and Be Loved: How To Be Loved, Cherished and Happily Married” which is available on Amazon.

  • You are tired of hanging out in bars and trendy clubs
  • The majority of the men you have met so far still act as they are fifteen years old
  • You’re tired of hearing your friends complain about the lack of real men out there
  • Family and friends invite you to spend the holidays with them because they don’t want you to be alone
  • You’re thinking about contacting an old boy friend while trying to convince yourself that he wasn’t really that bad.
  • You are becoming the matriarch of the family. Whenever there is a problem, which is every day, they call you for help.
  • You are seriously thinking about adopting a child or having one on your own.
  • Visiting your married friends depresses you
  • Everything was going well in your relationship until you brought up the subject of commitment
  • How many times during the past year have you heard yourself or one of your friends say something like, “I like this guy, but there is just something missing from our relationship.”
  • Our relationship is not his main concern
  • He spends more time with his friends and family than he does with me
  • He still talks about his ex-girlfriend or wife.
  • You are still searching for your soul mate

After completing the brief questionnaire please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss your response to one or more of these questions